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Friday, March 23, 2007 Volume XV, Number 196

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?... The Carthage Veterans’ Alliance will meet Tuesday night, March 27th at 7:00 p.m. in the Legion Rooms of the Memorial Hall to plan the Annual Memorial Day service. American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, V.F.W., Chosen Few, Order of Purple Heart of Vietnam, those who were in the Middle East, Community Band and Boy Scouts are requested to attend.

Did Ya Know?... An Eggs & Issues Candidate’s Forum will be held Tuesday, March 27th in the McCune-Brooks Hospital Cafeteria. 7:30 a.m. Breakfast, 8:00 a.m. program. $5.00 per person. Hear from local School Board and City Council candidates as they list goals and objectives. Open to the public. Reservations required by Friday, March 23, call 358-2373. Sponsored by the Carthage Chamber of Commerce.

Did Ya Know?... Throughout March the McCune-Brooks Hospital lab will offer Colorectal Cancer Screening Kits free. Call 359-2432 for more information.

today's laugh

"Some woodsman you are. I’ll bet you wouldn’t know what to do if you came face to face with a skunk."
"If I meet a skunk, that’s the way I want to meet him... face to face."

"Who says that all men are born free?" wailed the young father as he received the doctor’s bill.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

The Renters Skipped.

Wm. Seela owns a house and nice little farm east of this City on the Avilla road. Last fall he rented it to a family from the Territory who were to pay him the rent in cash in the spring. Today he drove out to take a look at the farm and found the house empty. The family had flown and Mr. Seela gets nothing for the time the family have occupied the place.

C.P. Fullington, a prominent cattle dealer and capitalist of Wichita, Kansas, was here yesterday, the guest of Mr. Gashwiler. Mr. Fullington was well pleased with Carthage, especially with the Cassil place.

Lyons Goes on Spree.

Will Lyons, a Frisco switchman of good reputation, got on a spree yesterday and ran amuck in the station at Springfield, breaking up things and chasing employees out of the place.


Today's Feature

3/31 Distribution Day.

News release.

The Carthage Crisis Center and area church youth groups will be sponsoring the 3/31 Distribution Day on March 31st at the First Nazarene Church at the corner of Fairview and Grand Avenue in Carthage Missouri from 8 a.m. to 12 noon.

Good quality furniture and appliances will be distributed to needy families and individuals on that day. Items such as couches, desks, chairs, hideabeds, mattresses and box springs, dressers, washers, dryers, microwaves, etc will be available. Some bread and food will also be distributed. The quality of the items is not guaranteed and no returns will be accepted. All interested individuals should come prepared to transport the items they have selected in their auto, truck, or trailer.

The Director of the Carthage Crisis Center, Brian P. Bisbee, has seen the need first hand. According to Bisbee, "Every week we get calls asking for furniture and appliances at the Carthage Crisis Center. There are some families out there who are lacking the basic essentials, and we feel that we need to help in a greater way."

The Carthage Crisis Center has given out over 1,600 units of furniture and appliances over the last two years. In a truck borrowed from Steve Beimdiek of Beimdiek Insurance Agency, Bisbee is often out on Saturdays with a work crew of three or four Crisis Center residents picking up furniture that has been donated. The furniture is then taken to a storage area at the First United Methodist annex and is set aside for a needy family. Bisbee relates, "We have had the opportunity in the past to help Katrina and Rita hurricane families, area families, and our residents who are getting places of their own. In each case the furniture and appliances have made a significant difference in somebody’s life."

In late 2005 Bisbee shared with several youth pastors of local churches that there was a continuing need on the part of needy families for good quality furniture and appliances. From those discussions came the commitment on the part of the youth pastors and their youth groups to team up with the Crisis Center staff and residents in the distribution which took place on 4/1/2006. Bisbee said, "We had a great day last year, and we have decided to do it again. In a practical way we want to show needy families that God loves them and cares about their needs. We also want to have a good time working and serving together."

Good quality furniture and appliances are being accepted. (No junk items, clothing or household items will be accepted.) Items may be dropped off at the First Church of the Nazarene on the 30th of March between 4 and 8 p.m. Pickup of items can be arranged by calling Brian or Marilyn Bisbee at the Carthage Crisis Center at 417-358-3533.

Special Sunday Powers Presentation.

A special storytelling program will be held at the Powers Museum Sunday, March 25 at 2 p.m. Doors open at 1:30 p.m. Diana West will present "Sweet Victory of Missouri’s Honey Wars."

Just Jake Talkin'
The problem with bein’ a "nice guy" is that eventually folks start taggin’ you as a soft touch and ever’one starts tappin’ the golden goose.

We as a community are fortunate to have several "nice guys" around. Folks that want to see things get done to improve the quality of life and understand that there are many ways to "give back" somethin’ to the community.

The problem some think might be developin’ is those "good guys" might start feelin’ that they’re getting to be taken for granted. Not only that, but when the community starts "expectin’" things, we don’t plant the seeds and cultivate much. We just start expectin’ the crop to pop up ever’ year and get upset when we start gettin’ hungry.

Appreciate, but don’t start expectin’.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’

Oak Street Health and Herbs

Natural Nutrition
By Mari An Willis

There is much information out about folk remedies. Paul Bragg, a well known health crusader, has focused much of his life promoting the health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. He compares taking it to the old adage of "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." In his book on vinegar he states it may have the following benefits.

• Helps maintain a youthful, vibrant body.

• Helps fight germs and bacteria naturally.

• Helps retard the early onset of old age in humans and pets.

• Helps keep the blood the right consistency.

• Helps regulate menstruation for women.

• Helps digestion and assimilation.

• Helps relieve sore throats, laryngitis, throat tickles and clean out toxins.

• Helps fight arthritis and removes toxins and crystals from joints, tissues, and organs.

• Helps maintain a healthy scalp.

He states that an unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the "mother" is the most beneficial and that overly processed vinegars may do more harm than good. Of course, Mr. Bragg also promotes the need to exercise and nourish yourself well with good wholesome foods.

Art Notes from Hyde House
By Sally Armstrong, Director of artCentral

Sometimes it seems that I really need to be about five people! Since the last show opened at the Hyde House, with two artists in both galleries, and the workshop we all enjoyed with Mary Lou Reed, I have been spending 99.5% of my time there it seems! At this time of year, we are in an active membership drive for new members as well as maintaining our current memberships with renewals, so many letters have gone out to both. Currently we are enjoying a membership of about 160, but we can do better! The only way to provide better shows and programs is by selling additional memberships. And then the Board of Directors have voted to implement a new program to enable local companies, banks and businesses as well as benefactors to underwrite one of the remaining shows this year, and I have sent out several requests for this consideration.

Then we are preparing for a new show in April to include 13 pottery/ clay men and women of the Midwest Clay Artists, and we will feature a weekend Pottery Fair the weekend of their opening as well. Planning is underway and it promises to be an exciting exhibit. The fair will include booths and displays outside and the show will be featured in both galleries inside.

In the very near future is the children’s artCamp, and I am beginning to plan for that, as the letters of invitation to the teachers have to go out in April and we are currently gathering ideas for new classes to be offered and themes to be explored. I have some new individuals who have expressed interest in teaching, and some new students to pursue.

A new newsletter is due to be written by the end of the month, and both a yoga class and Women’s Art Day are to be advertised, in addition to the regular things planned. A local woman called recently and asked if we might consider holding Toddler Art Days, and I asked her for a written proposal to see if we might consider this. When I get that, we will discuss it at board meeting. And finally, when we hold our regular Membership Show in June, we will be unveiling a special project that has been in the planning stages for many months, something that will be offered to the community and hopefully will be an exciting fund-raising opportunity for artCentral as well.

Yes, we are busy as bees, and with the Spring weather announcing itself, we hope to move out onto the grounds and repair a broken trellis, plant some new climbing roses and complete a flower bed with perennials. No grass will be growing under OUR feet this month, but maybe some new grass will be growing on the grounds at the Hyde House!

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