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Monday, May 12, 2007 Volume XV, Number 232

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?... There will be a final meeting for the Team Captains of the Carthage Relay For Life on Monday, May 14, at 5:30 pm at Ulmer’s Community Room, with a meeting of the Planning Committee following at 6:30 pm.

Did Ya Know?... A Knights of Pythias Fish Fry will be held Tuesday, May 15. Family Night. Social Hour at 6 p.m., Meal at 6:30 p.m.

Did Ya Know?... Advanced tickets for the June 8 Faris Family Concert are available at the Powers Museum and Oldies and Oddities Mall on the Square. Tickets are $7 or adults, under 12 free.

Did Ya Know?... The "Emma Sanders Memorial Fund" has been established at Southwest Missouri Bank by friends of the Sanders family. This is to give those showing concern for the family an opportunity to help. Contributions to the fund can be made at any Southwest Missouri Bank.

today's laugh

My aunt is coming over with her baby - it’s just three weeks old.
What’s its name?
I don’t know. I can’t understand a word it says.

You say you have a hunting suit?
Yes, this one I’m wearing.
That’s not a hunting suit.
My brother is hunting for it.

Are you going to the big ball tomorrow night?
No, I’ll be out of town.
I didn’t get invited either.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Home from California.

Mr. and Mrs. Julius Roessler and little daughter Leila and Mr. Roessler’s brother Lewis Roessler, wife and boy of Pittsburg, Pa., arrived here this morning from their trip to California. They report a delightful sojourn in the golden state.

Mr. Roessler’s father, R. Roessler and Misses Laura and Pauline are at Los Angeles, where they are in fine health and doing well, Mr. Roessler having been very successful in a number of real estate transactions.

Dr. Kemper at Lamar.

The Lamar Democrat says of a Carthage minister: "Dr. J. F. Kemper of Carthage spoke at the Baptist church last night. He gave a very instructive history of the book of Ephesians. Those present were greatly benefited by his able manner in presenting the wonderful teachings of the book."


Today's Feature

Consumer Protection Seminar.

All interested persons are invited to a free seminar conducted by Travis Ford, Consumer Education Coordinator from Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon’s office. The event will be held May 15th at 7:00 p.m. at St. Luke’s Nursing Center, 1220 E. Fairview.

As a consumer protection expert, Mr. Ford will be providing information to assist citizens in avoiding scams and rip-offs, how to protect your personal data and spot identity theft early if it strikes.

For more information contact Sue Joslen, administrator at 358-9084. Refreshments will be served.

To Continue Budget "Perfection."

The City Council Budget Ways and Means Committee is scheduled to meet this evening at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall to continue its work on the Fiscal year 2008 Budget. City Administrator Tom Short reported recently that the first round of budget cuts, made during the April 26th committee meeting, has resulted in cuts totalling approximately $300,000. These cuts were primarily made to the City departments’ capital improvements lists. The meeting is open to the public.

Just Jake Talkin'

In almost ever’ game devised by man, there is a time to take a move that is "safe."

In pool, for instance, when a player is in the position that they can’t make a clean shot, they try to at least take a shot that leaves the opponent with the least favorable placement possible.

In chess there are many moves that are made strictly to ward off the opponent.

In football, they punt. In basketball they stall (or at least they used to.) In baseball ya walk the batter. In tennis ya lob. In golf, er, ya wait around for someone with less ability to play with. Well, maybe there are some exceptions. But where it does apply, it’s an accepted part of the game and when appropriate, is considered good strategy. Good players know when to do it and how to make it work to their advantage.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

Oldies & Oddities

This Is A Hammer
By Samantha Mazzotta

Damp House? Check Heating System

Q: In your response to the homeowner who was experiencing sticky wood surfaces and sagging floors, you stated that high humidity could be the reason, and that several factors could cause the humidity, such as blocked attic vents. Your piece did mention heating equipment (such as heat/hot water boilers) as a possible source, but not effectively.

The humidity situation could also be caused by infiltration of exhaust gases from heating equipment into the living areas. This can cause deadly dangerous conditions, particularly to sleeping persons.

A friend of mine had a similar moisture situation 20 years ago in a house he purchased. The professionals he hired couldn’t find the cause. Eventually, he located it himself: Critters nesting in his chimney had blocked the exiting gases, causing them to back up into his home. Additionally, in cold climates, snow can block exhaust vents; building specifications in the Northeast were only recently changed to prevent this kind of occurrence.

Another danger I believe needs attention is crumbling chimney stacks. In the Northeast, many "oil burners" have been converted to gas. These gas heaters are routinely hooked up to the pre-existing brick chimneys. Gas exhaust is cleaner, but more chemically corrosive and "wetter" than oil exhaust. It also condenses earlier than oil exhaust, leaving chemical deposits on the upper half of the chimney that break down the mortar and bricks much faster.

"Critters" and debris-blocked chimneys are just two among a litany of "quiet" problems that can develop in any home. I hope these are worth considering. -- Rich L., Quincy, Mass.

A: They are definitely worth considering! Rich, thank you for bringing this potentially life-saving information to readers.

HOME TIP: Summer is a good time to schedule a chimney inspection and cleaning -- a maintenance item that should be done annually.

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