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Monday, October 8, 2007 Volume XVI, Number 79

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?... October 9th: Friends and Family CPR 5:30 p.m. in the hospital conference room. This FREE class teaches you the basics of CPR. Anyone who doesn’t need certification, including care-givers, babysitters, parents, or those who have a loved one with medical problems should take this class. Call to make a reservation at 417-359-2452 or 417-359-2432.

Did Ya Know?... The Carthage Veterans’ Alliance will meet October 11th in the Legion Rooms of the Memorial Hall at 7:00 p.m. to plan the annual Veterans’ Day Program. All of the organizations and the members of the Community Band are invited to attend.

Did Ya Know?... Boy Scouts of America Eagle Project. There will be a coat drive from October 3-17 to collect coats for the Carthage Crisis Center and Souls Harbor in Joplin. Coats of all sizes are needed ranging from infants to adults. There is a drop off box at Walmart in the game room. If you need more information, please contact Andy Petersen at 359-5641.

today's laugh

Take thirteen from twenty. What’s the difference?
That’s what I say - what’s the difference?

Your roof must be leaking. Does the roof always leak?
No. Only when it rains.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

A Boat on Wheels.

Jay H. Butcher, the Grant street blacksmith, has built a 14 foot row boat of exceptionally fine lines and trim appearance for his own use, and as he does not own any ground adjoining the river for a boat house, he gets around this inconvenience by converting the gears of a spare spring wagon into a transfer cart, just fitted to the boat.

When he starts for Spring river with his craft trundling along behind his buggy, he will certainly attract much attention.

F.E. Purple and Andrew Howen, who have been here for several days, departed this morning for their home in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. They have taken a lease of the New Richmond mines on the Chitwood land at Carl Junction, and Mr. Purple expects to return here in about three weeks to reside. Mr. Howen expects to move here next spring to make this city his home.


Today's Feature

Grand Marshall Announced.

News release

The Carthage Chamber of Commerce, along with the Maple Leaf Festival planning committee, is pleased to announce the selection of the 41st Annual Maple Leaf Parade Grand Marshall. Mr. Rodney Hendrickson of Carthage.

"Selecting a Grand Marshall for the parade is one of the biggest challenges our planning committee faces each year," said Debra Smith, Director of Members Services for the Carthage Chamber of Commerce. "All the nominees are very deserving of the honor. Narrowing it down to one can be extremely difficult."

Carthage residents were asked to submit their Grand Marshall candidates beginning in mid-May. Acceptable candidates must have resided in, or are current residents of Carthage and have made a significant and positive impact on the community and its residents throughout their lifetime.

Rodney Hendrickson has lived his entire life in Carthage. "All 72 years of it," Rodney said. "I guess you could say I’m a true Carthaginian… through and through."

A graduate of Carthage High School, Rodney spent 31 years giving back to the system that gave him so much by working as the Vocational Carpentry Instructor for 31 years. Under his supervision, carpentry students built and sold 30 homes to raise dollars for the program and the Carthage Technical Center.

Rodney has been involved with numerous civic organizations including the Kiwanis Club, Jasper County Courthouse Preservation Committee, and C.A.N.D.O. Senior Center planning committee. Rodney is also on the Carthage Public Library Board, which is in the final stages of its addition and renovation project.

Rodney is a devoted member of the First Baptist Church in Carthage. He is husband to Ruthie and father to Chuck Hendrickson, Lori Andrews and Ann Lawrence.

Just Jake Talkin'
I suppose there is that time in ever’ parent’s life when all the preachin’, teachin’ and yellin’ comes back to haunt ‘em. It’s that time when the parent has to actually show that they have enough trust in the offspring to let them use their own judgement. For most of us it’s a pretty scary thing. Mainly ‘cause it’s not so much of a test of the kid’s ability, but our own. The fact is, most lessons aren’t taught, they come through experience. The main problem with kids is, they don’t have near enough.

It’s like the guy that was complainin’ that when he was two he was out on the street lookin’ for a job and no one would hire him. Employers didn’t mind the fact that he could hardly walk, but ever’one was lookin’ for someone with at least three years of experience.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

Oldies & Oddities

This Is A Hammer
By Samantha Mazzotta

Readers to the Rescue

Q: Recently in your column, you responded to a question from Pat in Atlanta regarding difficulty in identifying the burner controls on stoves. It is a well-known problem, but there is a simple solution. Burners are different in size. Pull off the plastic knobs of the smaller ones and get a handyman to file them down until they are visibly and tactilely different, even in dim light. Range manufacturers should have thought of this. -- H.T.H., Orlando, Fla.

A: Many thanks! Smaller burner controls corresponding to the smaller burners on a stove is a very practical idea. Come to think of it, filing the controls into a different shape (like a square rather than a circle), would make them instantly identifiable. You’re right, range manufacturers should put more thought into this.

Q: In answer to "Virginia," the person who was having trouble cleaning hard water spots from her windows, there is a simple way to clean these spots from your window panes. Believe me, I tried everything on mine. Then in desperation I got a can of WD-40, sprayed a little on and presto, clean as a whistle. I did use window cleaner to get the oily film off -- or a little warm water and soap will do it, too. Hope this helps -- Edna L., Apopka, Fla.

A: Man, is there anything that all-purpose penetrating oil can’t do? Thanks, Edna, for passing along a great tip!

HOME TIP: To keep tools from rusting inside a toolbox, place a charcoal briquette in a corner of the box to absorb moisture.

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