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did ya know?
Did Ya Know?
. . .The wading pools at Carter and Central Park are closed for the season. The Municipal Pool will be open daily through August 30,1998. It will reopen September 5, 6, 7 for the labor Day Weekend. The pool will then be closed until next year.

today's laugh

Why does a nasty Russian called Alf stay indoors when it rains?

Because rude Alf, the Red, knows rain dear.


What's a hindu?

It lays eggs.


What is Mozart doing in his coffin?

He's decomposing.


Why cant two elephants go into the swimming pool at the same time?

They only have one pair of trunks.


How does a fox feel after eating a duck?

Down in the mouth.


What lies at the bottom of the sea and shivers?

A nervous wreck.


What is grey, has four legs and a trunk?

A mouse on vacation.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Charles Weston, of Barton county, who was here with his team and wagon yesterday, had one of his horses attached by W. H. Hatch on a judgement for $10 which he had repeatedly refused to pay. His mother came to his rescue with a secure note.


Annie King, who was tried and convicted of petit larceny before Justice Craycroft at Joplin in 1892 and made her escape from the county jail after two days imprisonment, was arrested in Joplin yesterday and is now going to serve out the balance of her 40 day sentence.


While Isaiah Eiting and family were in from their country home Sunday attending memorial services, their team, which was hitched in Porter's yard, broke loose and started for home at a 2:40 gait. They were caught by some boys before any damage was done, except a broken pole of the spring wagon.

  Today's Feature

The Paint Is Approved.

In a special session yesterday evening the City Council voted 7-1 to introduce a Council bill to allocate City funds of $11,570 toward the application of painted logos on the two new water towers. Members Burgi-Brewer and Fortune were not at the meeting. Bastin voted against the $25,750 project.

CW&EP will contribute an additional $6,000, there was an allocation of $3,000 in the original tower construction contract, and an unnamed donor has committed $5,000.

The Council bill will be presented with emergency language so the Council can approve in through two readings during next Tuesday's regular meeting. This was considered necessary because the base coat of paint is already being applied to the south tower and the logo will have to be applied soon before paint platforms are removed. The Council has been informed that after the tank is filled, paint cannot be applied unless the tank is drained so as to not "sweat."

Efforts to find an alternatives such as vinyl applications proved to be more expensive and the vinyl appears to have less than half the life of the special paint and coating being considered.


Just Jake Talkin'

Council member Mike Harris brought a fresh idea to the mix when he suggested the possibility of vinyl applications on the water towers.

From what I saw as information was rapidly gathered to see if the idea might work, apparently nobody has thought of it before. These vinyl applications are used to cover buses, race cars, airplanes and numerous other "billboards" but seems no one has considered water towers.

One a the concerns was the fact that the painters have platforms to work on, the vinyl folks don't. And, since there is no history to rely on, nobody knows how long vinyl would last up there. Cost was also hard to figure as was the variation of colors. In this instance it is no doubt best to go with the traditional, time tested technique, paint. History does have a tangible value, but fresh ideas do too, even when they don't pan out.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin'.



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Weekly Column

Intro to the Internet

If you think about the time when the Internet first started to become popular there were only a few thousand host computers connected to the Internet. To this small group of people the Internet was their own little world. These original internet users developed some standards (not laws, just guidelines) regarding the Internet. These standard or sets of rules were called Netiquette. The guidelines they set were the norm for themselves but many new Internet users are not aware of them Sometimes, violating these Netiguette guidelines can get you into trouble (you may receive a nasty letter or complaint). Here are some examples of some of the guidelines they set:

• TYPING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS - This applies any time you are sending messages on the Internet. Typing in all capital letters is considered an expression of anger and the reader may think you are yelling! This is probably the most widely known and followed example of Netiquette.

• Unsolicited email - Have you ever received an email from a company or store advertising a sale? Probably not, but have you ever wondered why? A company could easily send out millions of email messages to customers nationwide to advertise their product. The reason you never get such messages is because it is an extreme violation of Netiquette.




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