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Friday, August 28, 1998 Volume VII, Number 52

did ya know?
Did Ya Know?
. . . The Carthage Tiger Booster Club will be selling food through the concession stand at Jamboree. Your choice of BBQ pork or polish sausage plus chips & drink, $3.00! Serving starts at 6 p.m.

today's laugh

Newsboy-"Great mystery! Fifty victims! Paper, mister?"

Passer-by-"Here, boy, I'll take one."

(After reading a moment.) "Say, boy, there's nothing of the kind in this paper. Where is it?"

Newsboy-"That's the mystery, guvnor. You're the fifty-first victim."


A railroad shopman had been drawn on a Federal grand jury and didn't want to serve. When his name was called he asked the judge to excuse him. "We are very busy at the shops," said he,"and I ought to be there."

"So are you one of those men who think the railroad couldn't get along without you," remarked the judge.

"No, your honor,"said the shopman. "I know it could get along without me, but I don't want it to find out."

"Excused,"said the judge.


"His last play had the audience in the aisles."


"No, stretching and yawning."

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.


Carthage Woodmen Went off in Style for the Log Rolling.

The Carthage Woodmen camp No. 3340 went of in style this morning to attend the log rolling at Joplin. They assembled on the square at 8:45 and headed by the Light Guard band and a banner bearer, they marched around the square and to the Frisco depot to take the 9:05 train. There were 18 full-fledged "foresters" in line, uniformed in blue blouses, grey caps, white duck trousers and each carrying bran new "kant kutter ax. John Gray was head (s) man and bore the huge chopping ax usually carried in fairy pictures by the executioner.

Following the "foresters" marched a train of brush burners and chip pilers attired in straw hats, checked jackets and just any old pair of pants.

Several hundred Carthage people visited the log rolling, and during the morning two special trains from the east, one of 12

  Today's Feature

City Hall Reports Backlash Caused by Mandatory Recycling Charges.

Reports from City Hall yesterday were that phone calls and personal comments were building opposition to the recently passed mandatory charges for recycling. The Council voted last Tuesday to add a $1.29 charge to every family residence in the City in order to pay for a curb side recycling program that will be furnished by American Disposal Services. The charge for a single member household will increase by $1.46 over the contract's basic rate. There has been no explanation as to why the single member household rate increase is 13% larger than that for a family.

Mayor Kenneth Johnson said yesterday that calls concerning the recycling program were being noted and all but one so far had been against the mandatory charges.

Council member Don Stearnes told the Mornin' Mail yesterday that a survey he was conducting among constituents was running six to one against the measure. The recycling amendment was attached to the five year solid waste contract renewal with American. The current contract expires September 30 of this year. Stearnes was one of four Council members to vote against the recycling amendment. He says he voted for the full contract as amended because he didn't want to disrupt regular trash collection after the current contract expires.

Citizens who opposed the recycling measure had no opportunity to speak out as the issue was not publicized on the Council agenda. Most thought the issue had been settled at the previous Council meeting when a 7-2 vote established a free recycling drop off location for those wishing to recycle.

Mayor Johnson has consistently opposed the mandatory charges and is particularly concerned for those on a fixed income. Johnson has yet to sign the Council bill that approves the $1.29/$1.46 recycling charge, but unless there is a change in position by one or two Council members, the bill will automatically take affect after the next Council meeting on September 15.

Council member Stearnes is encouraging citizens to make their opinions known to Council members and the Mayor. Stearnes thinks that if enough people express their dissatisfaction with the proposal, some Council members would change their mind on the issue and introduce an alternative, less expensive plan at the next Council meeting. The contract has to be signed by September 30, 1998.

Jones Named Barton County Chamber Director.

The Carthage Chamber of Commerce announced yesterday that Jasen Jones, current Special Projects Coordinator for the organization, has accepted the position of Director of Chamber Affairs with the Barton County Chamber of Commerce at Lamar.

The announcement said that while Jones was excited about the new challenges and opportunities with the new job, he noted that serving the Chambers members of Carthage has created many special memories for him.

Jones told the Mornin' Mail that his duties in Lamar will begin in mid September.

Carthage Tourism "On the Air."

The Carthage Chamber is currently involved in an area wide, unique radio transmission promotion. Three 10 watt stations continually air a seven-minute announce of times, dates, and locations of area attractions and special events. Transmitters and antennas for the stations are physically located along billboards that encourage motorists to "Tune into Show Me Tourism on 530 AM." The broadcasts originate along Highway 71 near Nevada and along Interstate 44 near Mt. Vernon and Miami. Broadcast coverage for the stations generally includes an area of 5-15 miles, depending in part on atmospheric conditions and technical reception.


Just Jake Talkin'

From what I hear, it's not recommended that an elected City official frequent the coffee shops during this time of sorted trash talk. From what I've seen, there is nothin' much worse than a caffeine deficient political figure. This dilemma has ta get settled before we are reduced to a local government consisting of back street coffee drinkers afraid to see the light of day.

'Course there are the brave at heart who are makin' there way out to meet the public head on. Don Stearnes has hit the streets with clipboard in hand, confronting citizens with the $1.29 per month forever recyclin' question and is recording the opinions.

I have not been privy to whether Don is a public coffee drinker, but his thoughtful and deliberate approach would indicate that he is functioning on more than caffeine induced energy. He, at least, should find safe refuge among those who frequent the mornin' and afternoon java sessions.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin'.



Oak Street health & herb

Weekly Column

Natural Nutrition

by Mari An Willis

Allergies! It is the season and this dry weather just compounds the problem. One good thing my friend, Lowell, has shared with me is the bright side to ragweed is that 6 weeks from the date it blooms we will have our first frost...with these hot days doesn't that sound great!!

Some traditional herbs to take during the allergy season are: nettle root, licorice root, slippery elm, marshmallow and fenugreek.

Nettle root has been used throughout England for many years. It is an astringent and tonic plant. It is used to strengthen and support the whole body. It can be taken either in the tea form or in capsules. It is also available in combination in some very excellent Allergy Support formulas.

*Licorice root is traditionally used as an expectorant, demulcent and antispasmodic. It has a wide range of uses in bronchial problems such as phlegm, bronchitis and coughs. It is widely known for its use in gastric and ulcer conditions.

Slippery elm is a very soothing anti-inflammatory. It is one of my favorites. Not only does it help remove excess phlegm, but it calms the stomach and allows for easier digestion. It is especially good for sensitive or inflamed mucous membranes.

Marshmallow is another soothing herb. It has an abundance of mucilage, as does slippery elm, which makes it beneficial in inflamed conditions including those in the respiratory tract. We use it to calm a cough or dry throat. It, along with slippery elm, is much better if consumed as a tea or in some apple sauce.

*An Elder's Herbal by David Hoffmann



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