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Friday, February 1, 2008 Volume XVI, Number 160

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?... The 8th Annual Bowling Round Up to benefit Magic Moments Riding Therapy will be held at Bowl East in Joplin on February 9, 2008. We are looking for bowlers to participate. You could win a brand new Nintendo WII. Get together a group of 5 or 6 and call us at (417)325-4490 for all the details.

Did Ya Know?... Stone’s Throw Dinner Theatre, Carthage, Mo. will be hosting a special Valentine’s Day Event on Thursday, Feb. 14th at the Theatre. In addition to the play DIAL M FOR MURDER there will be a very special menu and Roses and Candy for the ladies. The price is $25.00 per person. Seating is limited. For reservations call the theatre at 417-358-9665 or 417-358-7268 or email

Did Ya Know?... Carthage Lions Club Pancake Feed - Ground Hog Party! Benefit for EYE TISSUE BANK & Local Benefits Saturday, February 2, 2008, 6:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m. at Memorial Hall, 407 S Garrison, Complete Meal $4.00

today's laugh

I know a real hypochondriac. He arranged to be buried next to a doctor.

Johnny’s birthday is coming up, so he starts to say his prayers, but very loudly her asks for a bike. His mother comes in and says, "The Lord isn’t deaf, Johnny."
"I know, but Dad is."

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Importing Registered Sheep.

J. P. Newell has received a half dozen of registered Oxford Down sheep by express from Illinois-one ram and five ewes. He will put them on his farm west of town.

Unusual Amount of Sickness.

The doctors report an extraordinary amount of sickness with many serious cases. Nine out of every ten is either grip or pneumonia. The sudden changes in the weather within the last few weeks is given as the reason for the large amount of illness.


Porcelain and gold crowns, bridge work. Painless extraction. Gas given if desired. Plates of all kinds. Prices moderate.

M. J. McCLURG, Dentist,

Office phone 611. Caffee Block

Residence 590.


Today's Feature

Library Ribbon-Cutting Approaches.

The Carthage Public Library is preparing for a ribbon cutting to celebrate the re-opening of the original wing and the completion of the entire library expansion project. The ribbon cutting is scheduled for Saturday, February 9 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. It will be held inside the library near the connection point of the old and new wings. Carthage Mayor Jim Woestman and State Librarian Margaret Conroy are scheduled to speak at the event after which an open house will be held.

The Carthage Public Library expansion and renovation project included the construction of a new approximate 13,000 square foot building which abuts the 1905-built Carnegie Library. Initial groundbreaking for the construction of the new building was held in January of 2006. That phase of the project was completed in May of 2007. At that point all library operations shifted into the new wing and the original building was closed for renovations. Library Director Jennifer Seaton said that the renovations were made with an effort to keep the original structure in the style of 1905.

Just Jake Talkin'

Had a friend a mine once comment, while he was still in high school, that a car heater was the ultimate example of efficiency. It takes heat away from the engine, thereby servin’ a useful purpose itself, and then makes the heat available for the passengers comfort as an extra bonus.

His point was there is "cost" for the climate control. Course ya have to figure the cost of the equipment, but the heat is free.

I found out the other day the City water system utilizes this "dual purpose" theory. Instead of usin’ the temperature of the water, it uses the weight of the water to pressurize the system.

The water is pumped into the system and when some one turns on their faucet the pressure from the water in the tank pushes down and out squirts the water.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

Oak Street Health & Herbs

Natural Nutrition
By Mari An Willis

I trust that all of you readers have managed to stay warm and healthy during these extremely cold days. My great uncle told me that during World War I the men used to put hot cayenne pepper between their socks and the shoe (not directly on the feet!) to keep their feet warm.

While waiting to aquacise, I spotted this David Letterman style list written by Mindy. Thanks for letting me share this.

Why You Might Need To Aquacise.

10. You think someone is following you, but when you turn around – it’s all you!

9. You walk a mile a day, but it’s between the refrigerator and the sofa.

8. You have to lie down on the bed to squeeze into your sweat pants.

7. Your thighs whisper "Scuse me, pardon me" to each other as you walk.

6. You think an upper body workout consists of pointing the remote control at the TV.

5. You thought the slogan "Bet you can’t eat just one" referred to one bag, not one chip.

4. You get out of breath riding an escalator.

3. You had to get a second job just to support your M&M habit.

2. You think the Pillsbury Doughboy would make an excellent personal trainer.

1. You think that Hershey’s is one of the basic food groups.

This article is meant for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. References available by request. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Art Notes from Hyde House
By Sally Armstrong, Director of artCentral

As we proceed with opening our first exhibition of 2008, we are excited to present a group of photographs in our Main Gallery by Joplin Linda Teeter. This is a new show that Linda put together late last year for an exhibition in Kansas City, and the KANSAS CITY STAR said about this show, "Linda Teeter’s photography series, "Galactic War", is a body of work which addresses politics, ecology, and environmental awareness. Galactic War presents dramatic visions of patriotic firework displays." These 19 pieces are colorful and thoughtful and create an interesting display. Ms. Teeter has created a media montage with sound and dialog, which she will personally deliver twice on opening night, the first time at 6:30. She explains her show: "In this exhibition, I hope you will find the versatility from my short photographic career, and that this series will provoke thought and visually remind you of ‘paintings sprinkled with whimsy’--- this is my process, as an artist over photographer. I find I must never limit myself to predictable media. As you experience my spiritual pilgrimage, journeyed through a magical photographic process, you will see images shot during the last year. I am always mystified to what one click of a camera can produce in the second of the flash. These terrestrial-type images showed up on my computer, instead of the expected prior night’s fireworks display. The Galactic War tells of global warming, chemical use, and the outcome in our fight for survival. The accompanying music is movie soundtrack THE BROWNING VERSION, orchestrated in 1994. I have created the dialog which you will find or hear as you "journey between" the 19 pieces of this exhibit." Please come to our opening night reception on February 8th at 6:00 and meet the artist and hear her presentation and view this show! The exhibition will remain in the gallery until February 24th viewable during regular gallery hours.

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