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did ya know?

Did Ya Know... The Family Literacy Council needs volunteers to help with the After School Assistance Program held Mon. - Thurs. from 3:30-5 p.m. Call 358-5926.

Did Ya Know... The Four States Diabetes Support Group of Carthage meets today from 4-5 p.m. in the cafeteria at McCune-Brooks Hospital.

Did Ya Know... A Master Gardener program begins in Feb. For details, call the Jasper County University Outreach and Extension at 358-2158.

today's laugh

Fred: What’s more clever than speaking several languages?

Sally: Keeping your mouth shut in one.


"What would be a good way to raise revenue and still benefit the people?"

"Tax every political speech."


Panting and perspiring, two men on a tandem bicycle at last got to the top of a steep hill.

"That was a stiff climb," said the first man.

"It certainly was," replied the second man. "And if I hadn’t kept the brake on, we would have slid down backward."


Teenagers complain there’s nothing to do, then stay out all night doing it.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Courthouse Crowd to Organize.

There is a movement on foot among the members of the courthouse crowd to organize a mandolin club. The proposed club is to have eight members but they are not ready to have their identity made public. None of them have ever figured in a mandolin club before but all have played some instrument. J. G. Gouger has been secured as director of the club and will instruct the members as soon as their instruments arrive.

Rich Ore at Pleasant Valley Mines.

The reduction plant at the Pleasant Valley mines now being operated by French capital under the superintendence of H. M. Cornell of this city started up today. The men are working in the pump shaft, at the bottom of which was struck a 30-foot face of jack. The dirt is almost pure jack and the plant has made a ton and a half of clean ore an hour since it started up. The miners say they never saw such rich dirt.

  Today's Feature

Some Sign of Improvement.

The efforts of the City and Chamber to increase the number of signs on I-44 and US 71 have resulted in some success. Recent redesignation of 71A to US 71 resulted in a less dominate presence of Carthage signage and pressure was applied at the State level for better placement. According to a letter to the Chamber from the Missouri Department of Transportation new signs on US 71 will include street names of the five Carthage exits. The signs on I-44 saying "Carthage - Exit 18B will remain unchanged.

The Route HH signs will be changed to reflect proper name as Fir Road and the south bound Route V exit sign will change to reflect the name as Garrison Avenue.

The sign showing a Carthage exit near Halltown will no longer be in place. "Identifying more than one primary exit to Carthage from I-44, at both Halltown and Fidelity, has been a point of confusion and frustration for drivers for many years," the letter states. "Sending drivers west along 2-lane Route 96 when a much safer 4-lane interstate facility is available is not in the driver’s best interest."


Just Jake Talkin'

The discussion to redefine the role of City Administrator has officially begun. A sample ordinance is bein’ kicked around that came from the Missouri Municipal League. Most likely it will be modified dramatically in some areas ‘fore it ever gets to a vote of any kind.

The main difference ‘tween the existin’ job description and the one bein’ considered is the amount of responsibility and authority the City Administrator is given.

One a the main areas of consideration will most likely be as to the relationship of the Administrator to other department heads. I’d have ta guess that there will be some increase in the responsibilities, but there will prob’ly be a gradual increase in authority.

This discussion came out of the day long work session the Council had a week or so ago but has been simmerin’ since before the current Administrator was hired. ‘Bout the only public comments I’ve heard have favored a stronger Administrator role.

This is some fact, but mostly, Just Jake Talkin’.



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