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did ya know?
Did ya know?..The Family Literacy Council Annual Indoor Garage Sale will be held this Friday, 8 a.m. to 3, and Saturday, 8 a.m. to noon, at 706 Orchard in Carthage.

today's laugh

Son-"Father, what is the biggest fish you ever caught?"

Father-"You had better go and ask your mother, I have forgotten what I told her."


"I shall have to give you ten days or $20," said the judge.

"I'll take the $20, Judge," said the prisoner.


A sailor was called into the witness box to give evidence. "Well, sir," said the lawyer," do you know the plaintiff and defendant?"

"I don't know the drift of them words," answered the sailor.

"What! Not know the meaning of 'plaintiff' and 'defendant'?" continued the lawyer. "A pretty fellow you to come here as a witness! Can you tell me where on board the ship it was the man struck the other?"

"Abaft the binnacle," said the sailor.

"Abaft the binnacle," said the lawyer. "What do you mean by that?"

"A pretty fellow you," responded the sailor,"to come here as a lawyer, and don't know what 'abaft the binnacle' means!"

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.


$8.00 Cleared-Another to be Given Next Thursday.

The war social last night at the home of Mrs. A.O. Ihlseng was quite a success, some $8 being cleared. This amount as well as all other supplies raised by the war relief association will be sent to Chickamauga for the relief of any Missouri soldiers sick in the hospital.

The house was crowded last night and though the hours for the social were from 8 to 10, the crowd was not all accommodated till after 11 o'clock. Miss Jessie Caffee sang solos during the evening, among which was Sousa's "Star's and Stripes Forever." The dining room was decorated in flags and red, white and blue sweet peas. The front porch was hung with Chinese lanterns.

Mrs. John A. McMillan has decided to give similar social to the one given last night, next Thursday evening at her home on South Main Street.

  Today's Feature

Elliott/Hunter Clash.

State Representative T. Mark Elliott called on political opponent Steve Hunter to return what Elliott calls an illegal contribution during a media conference in the Carthage Courthouse yesterday morning. The media was contacted by Elliott notifying them of the conference after the story of a $2,000 loan from Gale Berziel to Hunter's campaign was printed in yesterday's Globe. Hunter's campaign disclosure filed July 7 reported the no interest loan.

According to Elliott, third party loans are considered the same as a donation and political contributions are limited by law to $275. Candidates are able to loan funds to their own campaign, hoping to repay themselves from future contributions. Hunter filed an amended form last Friday stating that he himself loaned the funds to the campaign. This did not satisfy Elliott who says he may file a complaint on the amended form.

Hunter, as of July 7, had raised $11,655 toward his campaign. Elliott showed a total of $16,035 raised. Both candidates are expected to attend the Jasper County Republican "Meet the Candidate" Ice Cream Social tomorrow evening at Memorial Hall.


Just Jake Talkin'

Havin' actually attended portions of the Festival over the week end as a member of the media, I figure folks might be interested in what I saw goin' on. There was lots of literature for sale and for free that I didn't have any interest in, but nobody was pushin' it in my face. The couple a speakers I heard seemed ta have some passion for their topics, but I've heard more radical ideas tossed around the barber shop. I did take some interest in a portable saw mill that was bein' demonstrated and enjoyed the stunt pilot that performed over Red Oak II.

I wasn't lookin' for any particular evidence, but I was not aware of any talk of "white supremacy" or "Nazi sympathizers" in the few hours I was in contact with anyone at or connected with the Festival. I also never saw a representative from the evenin' paper at the festival. Maybe rumors are easier to report on than actual observances.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin'.




Weekly Column

Intro to the Internet

Avoid putting credit card numbers on-line. As you connect from site to site you are sure to run across someone asking you to enter a credit card number on-line (maybe you’re ordering flowers or software). They may even say that they guarantee 100% security. My recommendation to you would be, no matter what they say, don’t give them your credit card number. They usually provide an address or phone number (sometimes toll free) that you can use to order their products. The internet is great for advertising but I wouldn’t recommend purchasing anything directly from it. I use the Internet as a way of seeing the product before I purchase it, then I pick up the phone and call the 1-800 number to order.

Avoid choosing a bad password. If you need a password to get into your email or connect to your internet service provider, you’ve got another security issue to think about. Most people pick horrible passwords (like their child’s or pet’s name, street address, maiden name, etc.) that are easy to figure out. When you pick a password, pick one that nobody would possibly guess (maybe a foreign word or something random). The most common mistake everyone makes is putting their password on a sticky note in their cubicle or office. Change your password every once in awhile.



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