The Mornin' Mail is published daily Friday, July 31, 1998 Volume VII, Number 32

did ya know?
Did Ya Know
...The Carthage Public Library is having a book sale this Saturday, August 1st. It will be from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in the Carthage Public Library Annex.

today's laugh

Customer-"I would like to buy a book, please."

Bookseller-"Something light?"

Customer-"That doesn't matter, I have my car with me."


Diner-"Have you any wild duck?"

Waiter-"No, sir, but we can take a tame one and irritate it for you."



"Yes, sir."

"Have you every been to the zoo?"

"No, sir."

"Well, you'd sure get a kick out of watching the turtles zip by."


"And what," asked the chief of the Cannibal Islands, in his kindest tones, "was your business before you were captured by my men?"

"I was a newspaper man," answered the captive.

"An editor?"

"No, merely a sub-editor."

"Cheer up, young man! Promotion awaits you. After dinner you shall be editor-in-chief"

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.


Frank Dooley, a 19-year old Alba boy of good character, applied at the county recorder's office yesterday for a license to take unto himself a wife in the person of 17-year old Maud Sims, of Alba, also. Maudie had parents who sent in their written consent, but the boy unfortunately had neither parents nor legal guardian, under which circumstances he could not legally secure marriage license in the state of Missouri. But love, with the assistance of a grandfather and the law, found a way.

Frank's grandfather, Monroe Clark, had reared the lad from childhood and yesterday had accompanied him to town. The two visited Probate Judge Kerr and the grandfather there became the boy's legal guardian with the express purpose of consenting to the marriage. The license was secured and the youthful candidate for marriage went home in light spirits.

  Today's Feature

Candidates Get Opportunity to Speak.

Candidates with opposition for the Jasper County August 4 primary have been invited to speak at the Chamber of Commerce Eggs and Issues Breakfast this morning at 7:30 a.m. held at the First United Methodist Church at 5th and Main. The event is being sponsored by the Mornin' Mail and the Chamber's Governmental Relations Committee.

Contested races include (candidates listed by ballot position)

Circuit Court Judge, Circuit 29, Division 2 with candidates David Dally vs. Susan Butler.

Associate Judge, Division 4, Incumbent Joe Schoeberl vs. Gayle Crane.

Presiding County Commissioner, Incumbent Danny Hensley facing Kathy Rowland.

Clerk of the Circuit Court, Linda Williams and Cory Gjeruldsen

Clerk of the County Commission with candidates John Putnam, Jim Lobbey, Alan Bull, Randy Stanley, and Craig Putnam.

County Auditor, Incumbent Shirley Norris and Jim Hunter IV.

County Coroner, Mike Randolph and Gary Lyster.

Spanish Classes Set.

In response to the need to build understanding and appreciation of the diversity within our community, the Family Literacy Council is offering Basic Conversational Spanish classes for the next several months. The classes are designed for employers, employees, neighbors, and friends to improve business relations and support community development in Carthage.

The four week class will meet during the noon hour each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. New classes begin every six weeks- August 4, September 15, October 27, and November 24.

Class curriculum will be designed to meet specific needs of local employers and will include oral practice with native speakers. Each class will have a minimum of five students with a tuition cost of $60.00 each to assist in classroom and instructor costs.

Full details will be available in brochures that will be mailed to all Chamber members with the August edition of Chamber Spotlight. The newsletter will also contain details on Hola, a special Hispanic community relations program coordinated by NationsBank

Tax Certificate Sale Released.

    Stephen H. Holt, Jasper County Collector, announced yesterday the list of 1998 delinquent Real Estate taxes which are subject to the annual Tax Certificate Sale. A total of 342 were printed and released. The breakdown is as follows: Eastern 1st Pub 122; Eastern 2nd Pub 12; Eastern 3rd Pub 4; Central 1st Pub 76; Central 2nd Pub 8; Central 3rd Pub 1; Western 1st Pub 112; Western 2nd Pub 7; and Western 3rd Pub 0. This represents a decrease of 14 under last year's publication. A complete listing was published, as required by law, last Thursday. A second and third publication will be July 30 & August 6.

The annual tax sale, as required by Missouri State Statute, will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, August 24, 1998 in the Carthage Courthouse.

Holt states,"All property must be paid no later than 4:00 p.m. on Friday, August 21, 1998 to avoid the sale."

Due to the tax sale, the Joplin branch office will be closed the day of the tax sale.

A complete publication of the sale is available fro the offices of Stephen H. Holt, Jasper County Collector, in Joplin or Carthage.

"Due to a change in Missouri State Statutes, no person may bid on property with delinquent property taxes in their name," Holt also stated.

Open Business as Usaul.

release artCentral

What a relief from that awful heat. These cooler, drizzily days remind one of home. Ahhhh, Oregon. A pretty soggy place let me tell you. Around here though a little rain makes everything look so much cleaner, brighter, and greener!

First up...we want to let you know that for a while our Wednesday afternoon Drawing Jams are put on hold. But, anyone wishing to come out here and take advantage of our facilities is welcome to do so only not on Wednesdays right now. Thursdays and Fridays are open and we would welcome some company. Please keep our Mary in your prayers. She is not feeling to great right now and could use all the support we can summon up. Hang in there Mary, we love you!

Next weekend is Helen's colored pencil workshop. Better sign up now and save yourself a spot. You don't even have to know how to draw. She will provide everyone with a drawing and then concentrate on showing you how she goes about putting color, shadows, and highlights into it. Then, Viola! You have the finished piece. So come on, what are you waiting for!?

Oh and by the way, why haven't you come forward to take a place on our Board of Directors? We have some very interesting things going on right now and you could be smack dab in the middle of it. Doesn't that sound like a hoot?

We want to thank Kit for taking over Wednesday evening Life Drawing Sessions.

It's so great to have members who are there for us in a pinch. Mary will be able to concentrate on getting better knowing there are helping hands.

Anyone interested in working in clay is welcome to hang out here on Thursdays. Clay is relatively inexpensive and pretty easy to handle. A little messy, but hey, sometimes you have to get a bit dirty. It's like working in the garden and the good news is there aren't any grubs or grasshoppers!

We've received our money from the Art in the Garden homes tour. It's been great browsing through catalogs looking for new books and videos for our art library. We are for sure adding one new video. As for how many new books, well as many as possible, we say!

Thanks again everybody who participated in the tour and marked our library to receive funds. We appreciate you. We'll let you know exactly what items are purchased, any suggestions?

On a sad note, most everyone heard Lowell Davis is closing down Red Oak II. Even sadder, he says he's going to let it go to weeds. Ouch, we didn't exactly bargain for this when we signed a contract to lease the Geranium House. Now what?

More next week.


Just Jake Talkin'

One a the indicators of how heavy a turn out there will be in an election is the absentee ballots cast. There hasn't been a heavy turn out for the absentees so far.

As of yesterday afternoon, around 450 ballots had been received in total from the Election and Voter Registration offices. Typically the Carthage office might expect that many alone.

Anyone that's gonna be out a town can vote at either the Joplin or Carthage courthouse as late as next Monday. There's usually on about 15,000 voters in an off year Jasper County election. In a five way race such as the one for County Clerk, your vote will particularly make a difference. If it turns out to be an extremely light turnout on Tuesday, your vote will be even more significant for any race. Take the opportunity to speak your peace, vote.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin'.



Oak Street Health & Herbs

Weekly Column

Natural Nutrition

by Mari An Willis

I FOUND IT! The most effective form of relaxation is a vacation. I just returned from a solid week of no phones, no car, no work, no news, no t.v. and even, as much as I love them, no kids! This is the first vacation in 8 years which did not relate to business or family events. It was amazing to me that I have let it go on so long. I bet I didn't use any more B-vitamins than I got in my food on a given day! Well, maybe on the day our raft hit whitewater I burned a few, but other than that, it was a pure blessing just to watch the sun come up and sit and know that all that was important was my relation with my Creator.

We can rest, but we can not keep our heads in sand. Another rule on dietary supplements is coming up for a vote. We are requesting that those of you who would like to see information available on the "structure/function claims" on dietary supplements let your Congressman know and ask them to support of HR2868 which removes food from the definition of a drug. If you would like more information on this issue, you may get a hold of the International Advocates for Health Freedom (800-333-2553; We voiced our opinions in 1994 and saved our supplements, let's not let another important issue get lost in the shuffle of life. Take the time to write a postcard today.



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