The Mornin' Mail is published daily Wednesday, July 8, 1998 Volume VII, Number 15

did ya know?
Did ya know?
. . .Tutor Training for perspective ESL tutors will be held this Staruday from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Family Neighborhood Center. For information about this and other literacy programs call 358-5926 or stop by the Center at 706 Orchard.

today's laugh

Always remember, no matter how bad prose may be, that it might be verse.

"Samson had the right idea about advertising. He took two columns and brought down the house."

"I’m a pauper."
"Congratulations. Boy or girl?"

"You slay me," said the condemned man to the hangman.
"That’s noose to me," was the reply.

"Are you psychic?"
"Yes, seer."

A young lady while out walking heard, for the first time, of her mother’s intention to marry again, and she was obliged to sit right down and cry about it. She could no go a step-farther.

To speed is but human: to get caught, a fine.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Capt. Webb Given a Command.

A letter received today bu Mrs. Sallie Jones from her brother, Capt. W. H. Webb, states that he has been assigned to the position of commander of the receiving ship, Franklin, now stationed at Norfolk. Capt. Webb has been in the U.S. navy since his early youth but has been off duty for the past five years on account of ill health. He was stationed on the coast of China for several years and is a naval officer of vast experience.

H. Phelp's Shoulder Broken.

H. Phelps,a grocer of Joplin, well known in Carthage, while out riding his bicycle yesterday collided with a buggy and had his shoulder broken.

The Ground & Irwin mines at Duenweg, 6 miles east of Joplin, have been paying the owners about $500 per day for more than a year. How's that for a good thing.

  Today's Feature

June’s New Construction Report.

The monthly report from Assistant to the City Engineer Joe Butler showed a total of $292,018 in new building permits were issued during the month of June.

The total included two one family dwellings, one duplex dwelling, three one family dwelling additions and one one family dwelling repair.

One private swimming pool and two above ground swimming pools accounted for $28,600 of the month’s permits.

A total of 17 Building permits, 2 Plumbing Permits, 16 Roofing permits, 2 Siding Permits, 5 Fence Permits and 2 House Moving Permits were issued in June.

In an effort to distribute information to the growing Hispanic community, the Family Literacy Council will begin broadcasting the Hispanic News from the MSSC cable station 7 this summer. The program has been broadcast over the local low-voltage station 51 for many hours as "practice" according to the organization. More information concerning dates and times is to be announced.


Just Jake Talkin'

I suppose it took more than a little convincin' ta get folks ta give up on the horse and buggy. More than anything it was prob'ly the idea of bein' comfortable with a known mode of gettin' from here to there.

Automobiles aren't entirely the blessin' that proponents of that industry would have liked ever'one to believe, but they did offer a lot of advantages.

The one thing that changed the most was the amount a time folks spend just walkin'. Nowadays, a visit to a neighbor on the other side of the block warrants takin' the car. A three or four block walk would seem outa the question.

'Course one of the big advantages of car ownin' is ya don't have ta clean out the stall. Another is if ya leave the car in the garage, you don't have ta keep puttin' in fuel just so ya have somethin' ta clean up later. And, the flies aren't near as plentiful.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin'.



Computer Minded/ On the Net

Weekly Column

Intro to the Internet

Where do all these service come from?
Service like Web pages, FTP sites, News groups, E-Mail, Ect., are all individual function of these computer we call servers (or hosts). Some servers don't have many features at all, while other servers have all kinds of services available.

Luckily for you and me, the servers know who they are, and they know where the other computers are as well. When you make a request for a Web page, the servers work together to help you find the server where that Web page exists. If one computer is down between you and the server you're asking for, the other computers will help to find a path for your request to travel on. Once the path is finally resolved, the connection is made, and you see your Web page. The same is true in regards to most of the requests over the Internet.

In Review. . .
The Internet is a huge collection of computers world wide. They are connected to each other by a method that guarantees access (provided that computer is operational and connected to the network). There are servers (also referred to as "hosts") that provide services of all types. No one person or group owns the Internet, yet there are many committees and organizations that supervise its development evolution.



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