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did ya know?

Did Ya Know... The Carthage R-9 Board of Education will meet in regular session Monday, March 16, at 7:00 p.m. at the Carthage Technical Center, 609 River Street.

Did Ya Know... Raisin’ of the Green Auction will be Sun., March 15 in Memorial Hall. Funds go toward promoting events that bring business to the retail community.

Did Ya Know... The Oats Bus runs from Carthage and Sarcoxie to Joplin each Tuesday. To schedule rides call 358-4662 or 1-800-770-6287 on Mondays.

today's laugh

A politician was giving a speech in a rural district when a yokel tossed a cabbage onto the platform. The quick thinking politician gave it a glance and said, "It appears that one of my opponents has lost his head."


An important politician called to visit a friend at an insane asylum and while there tried to phone his office. But his connection was constantly delayed, and in exasperation, he said to the operator, "Young lady, do you know who I am?"

"No," she replied. "But I know where you are."


A polite man is one who listens with interest to things he knows all about when they are told to him by a person who knows nothing about them.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Caught a Nice Mess of Fish.

Ira Martin, one of Harrison, Calhoon & Harrison's draymen, and Harry Moore went fishing Saturday night and had unusual luck. They went up Spring river and fished near the first riffle. By means of gigs they secured one nine and one-half pound redhorse and fifteen other redhorse and black bass running from two to four pounds in weight.


Mrs. H. B. Wardin Entertains.

Mrs. Halford B. Wardin entertained fifteen or twenty ladies informally yesterday afternoon at her home on Central avenue. The ladies brought their sewing and spent a social afternoon. The hostess served a substantial and elegant luncheon.

The company was in honor of Mrs. Al Cahn, of Mt. Vernon, and Mrs. George Blakeney, of Vinita, I.T.

  Today's Feature

Agreement Recommended.


The Budget/Ways and Means Committee voted 5-1 Wednesday evening to recommend that the Council enter into an agreement with the 71A Partnership that is intended to encourage the rapid development of additional commercial property in the SE corner of the HH and 71 Highway interchange.

The basic premise of the plan is to use fifty percent of sales tax revenues generated by the development to pay approximately $700,000 in infrastructure improvements over a fifteen year period. The 71A Partnership will fund the initial construction of a roadway joining 571 and HH highways, the placement of traffic lights where the road meets the two highways, and various other water and sewer requirements.

Committee member Lujene Clark was the only dissenting vote.

"I understand how this works," Clark told the Committee, "I understand how it can be a win/win situation, but are we going to make this kind of thing available to other areas of the city?"

Committee Chair Bill Johnson said that anyone approaching the City with a legitimate plan for development would be considered.

"I’m not doing this because it’s out south," said Johnson, "I’m doing this because I think it’s a good investment for the City. And I think as long as the Council looks at it that way, I don’t think we’ll restrict it to any particular part of town."

Clark brought up the downtown sidewalk.

"I just have great concerns," said Clark, "of a massive over development of the south end of town. I just have this fear that we are going to look like Rangeline."

Committee member Jackie Boyer reminded the Committee that there may be several ways to finance sidewalk improvements.

The Public Works committee has recently began looking into some state and federal grant funding possibilities.

"A lot (of the downtown businesses) are not retail operations," said Boyer.

"I’m just trying to make sure that we don’t forget the downtown," said Clark.

"I don’t think we’ll forget downtown," said Boyer.

The Committee’s recommendation should reach the Council at the next regular meeting.

Just Jake Talkin'

More numbers ta ponder.

Typically it only takes a little over a hunderd or so votes to be elected to the City Council. That's figurin' there is some opposition.

If ya figure there are approximately 6,500 registered voters in Carthage and divide that by the five wards, that comes to what, 1,300 votes per ward.

Now on an off election year (nothin' personal to those runnin') if 250 of those eligible in a ward show up ta vote it's perty typical.

Seein' as how there is a race for the two School Board seats, there might be a few more than usual show up.

If ya figure a hunderd and fifty folks elect a council member, multiply that by the five that run each year comes to a total of 750 people actually influencin' most ever'thing that affects the city's well bein'. All the hirin' and firin', buyin' and sellin', watchin' over CW&EP and the hospital, settin' the speed limits and fixin' the cats - all done by the Council. A vote or two can made a big difference.

This is some fact, but mostly, Just Jake Talkin'.



Oak Street health & herbs

Weekly Column

Natural Nutrition.

by Mari An Willis

The dry air is playing havoc with peoples sinuses these days. People are complaining of dryness and/or dripping. Either way, it is an uncomfortable feeling.

One of the easiest ways to help with the dryness is to get a saline solution and spray it up your nostrils. I have personally mixed a wee bit (drop or two) or tea tree oil in the bottle with the spray as it has a reputation for helping to kill off the stuff that grows in dark damp places! My method, which may or may not work for you, is to shake the bottle VERY well and then spray. The first time I mixed this up I put in too much tea tree oil and it irritated my nostrils. Another example of: if a little is good, a lot is not necessarily better. Also keeping dampness in the air makes a considerable difference. If you are stuffed up and just can't get any relief from that stuffy pressure, horseradish will help to open them up and has some antibacterial properties. Eat a little on a cracker or, better yet, get a formula like ALJ which has a wonderful combination of horseradish to open the sinuses; boneset, which has traditionally been used to help stop pain and aching "in the bones" associated with flu-like symptoms; mullein, which is a primary lung herb and a natural pain reliever; fennel and fenugreek which are well known for their ability to remove mucous from the system. This formula is a most popular remedy.

Now that dripping thing. Among the naturalists, it is said "better out than in," which would mean not to dry up the sniffles. This can be a test of character and pretty inconvenient at times. If you must dry it up, you may want to try a formula like SN-X or many of the homeopathic remedies especially formulated for sinus conditions.

Do remember that these conditions will require blowing and with blowing comes the necessity for proper disposal of tissues. It is imperative that we practice good hygiene during these times. Washing ha hands is a top priority ... hey, they re even saying that on TV now! Prevention is much easier than curing. If you have to pass on something contagious ... MAKE IT A SMILE.



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