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Wednesday, September 23, 1998 Volume VII, Number 66

did ya know?
Did Ya Know? . . .Boys and girls ages 6-11 may sign up for flag football at the Carthage Family YMCA. Each participant will receive a Chiefs, NFL Flag jersey, supplied by Nike. Kids compete on teams of ten and are matched by age. Registration deadline is Sept. 23.

today's laugh

"Did you give the penny to the monkey, dear?"

"Yes, mama."

"What did the monkey do with it?"

"He gave it to his father, who played the organ."


Father (reprovingly)- "Do you know what happens to liars when they die?"

Johnny-"Yes, sir; they lie still."


"Have you ever heard the story of Algy and the bear?" asked a boy to his father. "It's very short. 'Algy met a bear; the bear was bulgy; the bulge was Algy."


The camp counselor was explaining the rules of the game. "If the enemy calls your number from his side of the battle field," she said, "you must be a 'dead man' immediately. Drop just where you are and lie still."

Ten minutes later, came an agonized whisper from the youngest camper: "Please may I move now? 'I'm a dead man, but I'm on an ant-hill!"

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.


Starts Up This Week to Fill Some Pressing Orders.

The Carthage woolen mill started up this morning to work up some necessary colors to fill out pressing orders that have crowded in on the company since the shut down two weeks ago. Half the force is working and will be employed all the rest of this week. Thirty looms and other machinery in proportion are in operation.

At the same time the necessary repairing is being as quickly done as possibly, and next Monday an insurance boiler inspector will be here to inspect the mill boilers. By the first of September Supt. Baker expects to have all repairing done and be ready to start the mill going on the usual full time for the winter


Mrs. Don C. Hamilton entertained the "Dewey Club" yesterday afternoon at her home on Main Street. The next social function will be a trolley party to Joplin.

  Today's Feature

Commission Says No To Zone Change.

Over a dozen citizens attended the Planning, Zoning, and Historical Preservation Commission meeting in City Hall Monday night. The Commission was reviewing a request for change of zoning for property owned by Charlie Parsons in the 1900 block of Garrison. Owners of property near Parson's location were not supportive of the change. The Commission voted to recommend leaving the zoning as is.

The property is currently zoned as "local business" and the request was to change the zoning to "general business." Parsons wants to sell the property to Tapjac Company, Inc. and the zoning is necessary for an outlet selling surplus/freight damaged construction materials. According to Jerry Carter, representing Tapjac, the company has other similar locations operating under the name of Ozark Salvage.

The group sited increased traffic, the possibility of other types of businesses occupying the property in the future, increased noise, and hours of operation as primary concerns.

The recommendation can be appealed to the full Council.


Just Jake Talkin'

It's a nice design, looks great on paper, but not on the water tower. Even Council members who voted for the $12,000 plus cost of paintin' the stylish logo on the new south water tower are publicly admittin' it just doesn't do what it was intended to do. "It was a mistake," one told me.

There it is. A refreshin' statement from a local politician. Now we move on. Simple.

'Course it's easy to say hindsight is 20/20 (although in this case 20/20 still can't make out the name). In this instance the City took a shot, tryin' to bring a little pride to the community. It was just a matter of all the right pieces not fittin' into the right conclusion. At least the Council voted to "wait and see" before committin' any large amount of funds for the north tower. We do have a second chance to alert the passin' motorists that this is in fact "CARTHAGE, MO.," where we proudly display our position, right or not.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin'.



Carthage Printing

Weekly Column

Intro to the Internet

If you get an advertisement or such, make sure to send a reply back. Like I said earlier, we get enough junk mail at home...

Have you ever heard of Smiley’s? They came about as a result of Netiquette in an attempt to develop a way to express emotion more effectively in an email message. At the end of a sentence that is supposed to be describing something happy you might put this type of smiley : ) (it’s a sideways Happy face), or if you are sad about something you might type : ( . One more example ...lets say your being sarcastic or kidding about something. You might type;-). (The semicolon is supposed to make it look like it’s winking..get it?!?).

Other Netiquette guidelines come about when you are creating a World Wide Web site. Concepts such as having too many pictures or black background with white text are sometimes considered a violation. Blinking text can also be considered a violation by some. Actually, anything that might slow down your connection to that particular page may be termed a violation of Netiquette!

To be totally honest... I guess just about anything that could get on your nerves or annoy you would be considered a violation of Netiquette. The whole point is, if it annoys you, it probably annoys others as well.



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