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Friday, May 28, 1999 Volume VII, Number 244

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?. . .The Congregation of the First United Methodist Church in Carthage is hosting a "4-H Volunteer Recognition Day" on Sunday, June 13th starting at 10 a.m. at the Church, 7th and Main Carthage. For more information contact the church at 358-2577.

Did Ya Know?. . .Storytimes for Chautauqua week will be presented at 4 p.m. on Tues., Wed., Thurs. and Fri., June 1-4 for children seven to twelve years old at the Carthage Public Library. The RPL Puppet Company will be there as well to start off summer with two showings on June 10. Call the YPL desk for more information on events.

today's laugh

Can you pay your bill now?

No - see me Thursday.

Thursday I'll be out of town.

So will I.

We're expecting a baby boy at our house.

You mean, you're expecting a baby at your house...boy or girl.

No - a boy.

Why are you so positive it's going to be a boy?

Last year mother was sick in bed and she got a baby girl. Now, dad is sick in bed.

Our cat swallowed a ball of yarn and when she had kittens they all had sweaters.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.


Word being received by local Degree of Honor members indicates that the coming state meeting of that order in Carthage on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week will be a big affair. Some 75 or 80 delegates are expected to be present and many visitors besides, swelling the number to several hundred.

Two carloads of people have signified their intention of coming from Galena and Pittsburg promises to send over 100 people on a special train. Both those towns will be represented by finely drilled teams which will appear at an entertainment to be given free at the Grand opera house on Wednesday evening. Views representing the principles of the order will also be shown by an electric lantern to be brought here especially for the purpose.

The meeting of the convention during the day time will be held in the Masonic hall.

  Today's Feature

Precious Moments Fountain of Angels Nears Completion.

A grand reopening of the Precious Moments Fountain of Angels has been scheduled for June 19, 1999 in conjunction with the Chapel's 10th Anniversary. The once 3 story amphitheater has been transformed into a 10 story building according to information provided by the company.

Construction on the enclosure began in December of 1998 and continued through the winter and spring. Final touches on the ten story enclosure will continue until the June 19 opening.

The enclosure was a significant construction challenge, according to a representative of the company, because of its height and the fact the fountain remained in the center of the construction area. The fountain's center geyser rises nearly 80 feet above the ground requiring the top of the enclosure to be 100 feet above the fountain.

The fountain features over 250 bronze sculptures designed and made by Sam Butcher. The new structure will allow the performance of choreographed water effects several times a day.


Ozarks Fiddler Honored

with Heritage Fellowship.

Southwest Missouri Congressman Roy Blunt has been notified that Ozarks fiddler Bob Holt of Ava, Missouri will receive a 1999 National Heritage Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. This award is one of only 13 to be given nationally in 1999. The 68 year-old Holt is best known and appreciated by the avid square dancers in the Ozarks where he has played for over the last thirty years.

Blunt, a former history teacher and student of Ozarks history and culture, said, "Bob Holt has been making music with his fiddle and jump-starting the feet of both listeners and dancers to live music is still practiced on a regular basis." Holt started playing the fiddle at age 15 and was playing dances for his own family and for neighbors and communities by age 17. Holt comes from a family with deep roots in Ozark music. Holt's grandfather was a fan of fiddling and his father was a enthusiastic dancer and premiere whistler of dance tunes.

The National Endowment of the Arts said of Holt's 53-year contribution to Ozarks square dancing music:

"The fiddler provides the backbone and the heartbeat for this activity through what Bob calls 'working rhythm.' Bob says that his father always used to tell him that the fiddler has to provide 'someplace to put your foot down.' In addition to his tireless services to the dancers of the Ozarks, Bob Holt is also in demand at festivals and workshops around the country. He has a broad repertoire and has mastered the subtleties of slow tunes such as waltzes and blues as well. Still he remains committed to the dancers of his region and to teaching younger musicians the older tunes that he learned from his family. Often when he is ready to play, he will call for the dancers by saying "decorate the floor," and he always makes sure that his music delineates and animates that time-honored pattern."

Holt will receive a $10,000 award at an official ceremony in Washington in the fall and play in a free public concert at George Washington University's Lisner Auditorium. Holt joins a gospel singer from North Carolina, an Irish musician living in Pennsylvania, a Native American storyteller from North Dakota, a basket maker from California, a master boat builder from Maine, and a horsehair hitcher from Washington state, among others.

National Endowment of the Arts Chairman Bill Ivy said, "These performers and craftspeople, who represent a rich cross-section of American's many cultures, are honored for their achievements and contributions as artists, teachers, innovators, and guardians and preservers of traditional art forms. These people have dedicated their lives to reviving and celebrating this country's living cultural heritage."

Art Camp 99 planned for August

news release from artCentral

We’re gearing up for another show !! In two weeks we will have our Membership Show featuring a number of mediums from pastel to pencil and stone to steel, there’s sculpture jewelry, pottery, oil painting, watercolor and acrylic !! This year we have some new artists who have not participated before...we welcome them to our humble little gallery!!

Thanks to everyone who came out and looked and bought. We sold several of the drawings from the Wednesday Life Drawing exhibit !! A special thanks to our exhibiting artists, Mary Baumann, Perry Fleming, Jane Kleindl, Penny Wilkinson and Kim Kissel Leffen.

Our 1999 calender is already booked and good news! we have our first show booked for 2000 !! Linda Stair from Wyster, OK will show tentativly Oct 1 through Nov. 5. We are very excited about her showing with us as she is an excellent pastelist !! She is a member of the Ozark Pastel Society and shows in the four state area.

More good news! one of our members, Perry Fleming, won a Merit Award recently at the Spiva Membership Show in Joplin. Our congratulations to him !!Earlier this week we had about 50 kids from Pittsburg come through on an all day Carthage field trip !! It was great to have them !! Rumor has it they were treated to kool-aid and cookies over at Main Street Merchantile. That Mike is such a nice guy !! Thanks to Shea for bringing the little darlins our way !!

Really, really, great news !! We will be having an August Kid’s ART CAMP 99 !! So far our wonderful camp committee has arranged for a camp August 2 through 7. That’s Monday through Sat-urday 10am to 2pm each day. A great slate of teachers has been put together and will educate our young in the areas of: Clay with Linda Simpson, Carthage, writing and illustration with Riki Lipe, Springfield, MO, mixed media with Judy Porter, Butler, MO and computer altered images with Tom Jones, Carthage.

Each day’s activities will be limited to 15 students. Your child can come every day or just on a specific day. They think the cost will be $12 per day and include supplies. Kids will need to bring sack lunches. For more information or to sign your kids up just call Helen at 359-5233 or Sandy at 358-7163.

Thanks to the committe and the teachers !! It’s going to be a lot of fun !!

Wednesday Life Drawing as usual. Thanks to Mary for all of her help with that group !! week.


Just Jake Talkin'

Seein' as how the Mail is approachin' the beginnin' of its eighth year on the streets of Carthage, it's time for my moment of appreciation for our supporters.

Some take for granted the arrival of the Mail ever' mornin'. They even go so far as to complain to business owners if "their" copy is picked up by others. This enthusiasm for the mornin' paper has, over the years, made various business owners aware of the high interest our readers hold for the Mornin' Mail and has resulted in new sponsors supportin' this endeavor.

We hope our readers also appreciate the counter space offered by distribution points throughout the City. Take a few seconds to let the owners or managers know you are aware of their efforts. Readers, sponsors, and distribution points are the three legs that support this stool.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin'.



Oak Street health & herb

Weekly Column

Natural Nutrition

by Mari An Willis

Many people enjoy cooking out this time of year. Vegetarian burgers grill nicely and do not fall apart like the old ones. If you make up the mix from the box rather than buy the frozen ones, the key is to refrigerate the mix for a few hours before forming into patties. The patties cook up like a hamburger, so if you want them to cook evenly, make the patty the same thickness.

Now the real treat is fish on the grill. It takes a bit more talent, but many fisherman in this area have it down to a real art. On a recent trip to the Buffalo River, a gentleman in the cabin next door was roughing it by cooking his fish wrapped in foil in the DISHWASHER with the heat cycle only. Go figure!! Personally, I like that grilled routine. Fish are a healthy form of protein, easily digested and high in the right oils. Being a novice fish cook, I called on the talents of a customer who really knows how to make any meal a delight. Here are a couple of his suggestions for cooking some salmon and some halibut cheeks (which taste like scallops for half the price).

Cooking with Dan:

1 lb. pkg halibut cheeks

lemon slices

white wine to cover

dill to taste

Put all into heavy duty foil. Add about 1/2 c. white wine and several lemon slices sprinkle with dill weed (or lemon pepper ) cook about 20 min. or until liquid is absorbed. Cut in small wedges and enjoy as you would a scallop or any excellent fish.

If the halibut cheek sounds to exotic for you, then try grilled halibut by placing the steak on a well-greased grill a few inches above the hot coals brushing frequently with oil and a light spray of garlic juice (easy & convenient spray bottle) turn when half cooked, brush with oil and sprinkle dill.



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